Dark Circles

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When can an eye correction help?


Dark circles, eye bags, puffy eyes and dark eye areas are frequently mentioned problems of men and women alike. There are many different causes for dark circles and eye rings as there are many different possibilities of therapy for them.

A initial consultation

You can only get a detailed analysis of the cause in a personal consultation and examination appointment with a specialist. The specialists at the Vitalitas Clinic will answer all questions regarding eye circles in detail. However, no brochure or website can replace a personal consultation with a qualified specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery. Make an appointment now for a personal consultation or visit one of our information evenings.


What do 'dark eye circles' mean?

Eye circles are dark, sometimes sunken, brown, grey or blue-ish discolourations around the eyes. More often the dark circles are under the eyes. Sometimes circles occur with tear sacks and swelling.

Dark circles can have several causes – these are some:

  • ageing of the skin and slackening of the eye lids
  • loss of fatty tissue in the eye lids caused by loss of facial fat and at the same time the facial bones become more prominent.
  • hereditary dark circles that are more frequent with some families
  • deficiencies like lack of vitamins or lack of melanin.
  • an unhealthy life style, not enough sleep, too much alcohol, sorrow and grief – poor nutrition.
  • excessive formation of pigments as a result of ageing skin or too much sun or too many sun bed sessions.
  • swollen eye circles can have different causes: it could be anything from lymphatic congestion to excessive fatty tissue around the eye that bulges through the sagging tissue.

What are tear sacks?

Tear sacks are always closely related to the problem zone around the eyes. This is a swelling of the lower lid and the main reason is because the fatty tissue changes and the skin slackens. Often the tear sacks also appear with drooping or thickened upper eyelids.


What causes eye circles and tear sacks?

In a young face the eyes are protected by skin, fat and blood vessels. The skin around the eye is particularly thin. The usual subcutaneous adipose tissue is almost not apparent. The skin is thoroughly inter laminated with blood vessels and lymphatic vessels and is almost transparent. From 30 years of age when the elasticity of the skin weakens, a slackening, sagging or disappearing of the fatty tissue around the eye muscle can leave deep eye circles. When the eyes or the eye ring muscle slacken, then the connective tissue and the fat can protrude from the eye socket. If the skin and the subcutaneous fat subside then the blood vessels and the lymphatic vessels will shimmer through the skin even more. The same effect can be seen if the blood vessels or the lymphatic vessels are congested or swollen.


Treatment for eye circles and tear sacks

During an extensive consultation and examinationthe the doctor will establish what kind of 'eye change' has taken place. To determine this, photographs and the day-to-day life style are helpful, because smoking, the sun, sun beds, alcohol, sleep patterns and fluid intake – all these things influence the condition of the region around your eyes. In the examination we differentiate between deep eye circles or swollen eye circles. The elasticity of the skin, of the eye lids and of the the skin of the forehead will be tested, as will the resilience of the eye muscle. Then it will be decided what in this individual case should be the best treatment: an eye lid lift, also called blepharoplasty, or an eye lid correction to remove the eye circles and tear sacks. For more details go to eye lid lift.
In certain cases a injection therapy with hyaluronic acid or Botox can also achieve an improvement. For more details go to wrinkle treatment.


Tips to prevent eye circles, tear sacks and swollen eye lids

A few precautions to prevent the dreaded dark eye circles, tear sacks and swollen eye lids that every one can adhere to.
A healthy life style, sufficient sleep, avoid allergens, drink lots of fluids etc are real panaceas. You can also hide dark circles and tear sacks cosmetically with so-called concealers. Ask for some advice in cosmetic application. Our trained beauticians will be happy to give you helpful tips. If you have swollen eye lids damp and cool eye pads also help.
Dark circles, tear sacks and swollen eyelids can be treated effectively and safely using different methods.



Be happy!

With the correct indication and with realistic expectation, most of the patients are very pleased with the achieved results. The improvement of the external appearance often means the beginning of a 'New Life'. They are happier with themselves and have a higher self esteem.


What is the next step?

No brochure or website can replace a personal consultation. The next step to your dream destiny is to make an appointment with our specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery.
In a personal conversation they will answer all your questions and will develop an individual treatment plan with you. 

Call us – our friendly Vitalitas service team will be happy to make an appointment for you. Tel. +496321 9297542. Free first consultation. 

Your happiness is our goal


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