Vitalitas private clinic

Vitalitas private clinic

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Competence & Quality

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Success and good looking

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Naturally beautiful Vitalitas privat clinic

Vitalitas is a modern beauty clinic of the highest quality. Our private clinic has an international network of expert specialists in various locations. Our goal is that your time spent with Vitalitas in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, you are safe and well cared for. No matter if you are in need of Breast Augmentation, Breast lift, or if you are looking for Wrinkle-treatment, Facelifting, Eyelid-surgery, Liposuction or any other treatment. Call us, our friendly service staff will gladly arrange an appointment for you.

Vitalitas Private Clinic - Always a good feeling.

Our topics

  • Breast Augmentation

    Silicone gel implants for breast augmentation are generally classified as harmful to health (FDA).
    Nevertheless, there are differences. Vitalitas only uses Silicone implants from leading manufactures. Clients are provided with a lifetime guarantee-certificate.

  • Eyelid Tightening

    Dark circles, eye bags and drooping eyelids are a common, annoying and disturbing problem. As diverse as the causes are the possibilities of therapy for upper eyelid and lower eyelid. In many cases a eyelid surgery ist he appropriate solution.

  • Wrinkle Treatment

    Wrinkle-free and Carefree. We offer various treatments against wrinkles in our clinic. Injections with Botox, Hyaluronic acid give quick very effective results.

  • Liposuction

    Take advantage of the security of a specialized clinic.
    Many women and men dream of an attractive figure without floating ring, grease posters, saddle bags and much more. Targeted nutrition, sports may help but fat cells do not disappear.

  • Facelifting

    Many people dream of a young tight skin. The trend towards facelifting continues unabated, and the methods have evolved. A good facelift by a specialist from Vitalitas looks natural and significantly enhances your wellbeing

  • Breast lift

    A breast lift can achieve a full and firm breast, without the volume decreases or implants are used. With a Breast tightening operation in addition to improvement of shape and firmness there could be minimized differences between two breasts.

  • Abdominoplasty

    Who does not know, finally reached the ideal weight, lost many kilos or ade pregnancy, externally everything was great, but the look in the mirror shows the sagging hanging abdominal wall. This situation effects the body feeling massively.

  • Sweat Gland Therapy

    Increased sweating (hyperhidrosis) in the armpits, dark stains on shirts and suits and in the end white borders, this combination is not only annoying for many people but represents a real medical and social problem.

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Meet Our Team

germann vitalitas

Prof. Dr. med. Günter Germann

Specialist in Plastic and
Aesthetic Surgery

reichenberger vitalitas

Prof. Dr. Matthias Reichenberger

Specialist in Plastic and
Aesthetic Surgery

takas vitalitas

Dimitrios Takas

Specialist in Plastic and
Aesthetic Surgery

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Dr. med. Peter Kessler

Specialist in dermatology and allergology

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Saskia Kaiser

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Marion Kirsch

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