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What a hospital is the Clinic Vitalitas exactly?

The Clinic Vitalitas is a renowned specialist with several departments. One of them is the Department for aesthetic surgery, which means that there are all Aesthetic plastic surgery (cosmetic surgery) out.

What is aesthetic surgery?

In aesthetic surgery or cosmetic surgery is usually all cosmetic surgery, with an experienced specialist in plastic surgery the appearance of a person can improve. Aesthetic or Cosmetic Surgery does much more than just the removal of small blemishes. It may be people who by their appearance are not satisfied and thus also a psychological problem may have a new self-confidence to help. There are many studies which show that satisfaction with one's own outer wellbeing and thus the joy of living a strong influence. Even in professional life and personal success is the relationship between attractiveness and charisma play a major role.

Who is the head of the Department of aesthetic surgery in the Clinic Vitalitas?

The medical management of the departement of Aesthetic Surgery belongs to an internationally experienced specialist in plastic surgery, many years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery available. Our doctor are members of the Association of German Plastic Surgeons (VDPC) or the Association of German aesthetic plastic surgeons (DGPRäC), both recognized medical associations that can only absorb trained Plastic Surgeons.

What interested you can contact us?

Unfortunately, it always happens that the term "private hospital" certain prejudices linked. For example, in a Clinic just elitist circles that are treated or where the cosmetic surgery are very expensive. This is in Vitalitas not so! The term "private hospital", says only that it is not a state or publicly funded body. The patients in the Clinic Vitalitas represent the entire spectrum of our population. The housewife is equally represented among our patients as the chief secretary, the wife of entrepreneurs just like the farmer - or their husbands.

Of course, the cosmetic plastic surgery in Vitalitas not more expensive than in other qualified specialist who prefer a comprehensive advice, care and treatment set. Quite the contrary, the Clinic Vitalitas has proven over the years: Outstanding cosmetic surgery are cheaper than you might think. Inform yourself.

Why is the Clinic Vitalitas in Neustadt / Weinstrasse, and not in Stuttgart or Frankfurt?

Anyone who has visited us once, knows why we are going to be in the Palatinate became home. We work where others vacation. The vineyards, the green hills of the Palatinate Forest and the warmth of the people - in such an environment it is just very good for our patient care. Even our clinic building is worth a visit. The former Walter Engelmann bathroom was once the beginning of the 20th Century as Volksbad been built. Now houses the historical Art Nouveau building is one of the top destinations for cosmetic surgery in southwest Germany.

What cosmetic surgery are there?

The following corrections can be esthetic in the department of "aesthetic surgery" of the Clinic Vitalitas carried out:

Combination of interventions, depending on the situation is quite recommendable.

Who are the cosmetic surgery performed?

All cosmetic surgery by a team of trained specialists for plastic surgery carried out to provide you with the concentrated expertise of a group of plastic surgeons with different emphases to be able to offer. In the Clinic Vitalitas care is therefore more specialized physicians to your wellbeing.

Our surgeon is supported by a team of skilled surgical team. It ensures that the patient during treatment, nothing is missing and he received medical care is optimal.

There are in the Clinic Vitalitas own operating rooms equipped with modern technology.

For larger interventions, with a more active inpatient stay connected, we provide a comprehensive medical care for you.

Did the Clinic Vitalitas an anesthesia department?

Apart from the cosmetic surgery department in the Clinic Vitalitas other departments represented, organized jointly by the department's own anesthesia care. The advantage for patients is that the anesthesiologists and surgeons over the years know and come together in many operations have proven themselves. The anesthesia department is nationwide for their mild narcosis known and is regularly at other locations anaesthesiologists in these procedures weiter.Ein important safety aspect to watch it!

What is saving treatments in cosmetic surgery?

What our patients appreciate us is that we all aesthetic operations to ensure that the organism of the patient as little as possible will be debited. Surgical technique, the materials used and the anesthetic procedures are perfectly matched. For example, today many outpatient surgery with local anesthesia in combination with a Dämmerschlafverfahren be carried out.

Your time is precious us. Therefore, our treatments are specifically geared to patients for whom time is scarce and valuable. Of course, the treatment period and after surgery of the type of intervention from. Patients who arrive from abroad, should be extensive operations up to a week to bring. This is important for the immediate healing process to be regularly checked. Patients receiving outpatient treatment, you can usually still on the same day to leave the hospital and go home. Alternatively, is also a short hospital stay and / or possible, until the post is finished.

What should I do if I am interested in an aesthetic surgery?

The first step for all of our patients is a call in our clinic.

It is best to arrange an appointment for a personal interview. You can then binding us with your questions and to discuss even a picture of our standard make. Obviously you will be given written materials about the aesthetic surgery of interest. But please remember, no paper, the individuality of a personal interview and replace you with an honest and right for you answer. Your health and wellbeing you should be investing in a qualified Beratungsgespräch worth.

My health insurance pays for the surgery?

Operations in the field of aesthetic plastic are usually voluntary services and are therefore not covered by the insurance paid. In some rare cases, however, require major surgery for medical reasons, and here it may happen that, on request, a subsidy paid by the insurer is granted. A decision will be accessible only after a thorough investigation and advice from the specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery taken.

Where can I find here before and after photos of cosmetic surgery?

The legislature has the protection of the German consumer clinics prohibited on the Internet before and after photos of patients to be published. Obviously, we comply with these laws and have therefore set our presentation no photos of cosmetic surgery incorporated. We can give you advice in a photo documentation imagine. We also have reference addresses of people who enjoy their own surgical experience to pass on to new audiences. Talk to us!

What should I use when choosing a clinic for aesthetic plastic surgery and look out for?

Firstly, it is important that you are in the hospital as a man with good hands and your needs seriously feel.

In addition, of course, must ensure that you medically in good hands. Here you should first on the qualifications of the doctors ensured.

Plastic surgery is not a protected term. Solely with the designation "specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery, you can be sure that the doctor you trust successfully for at least six years of specialist training has completed. You can also inform your doctor if any of the member associations of plastic and aesthetic surgery. Just look at the respective web pages.

www.dgpraec.de: German Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (DGPRÄC ehem. VDPC)