Facelift and Mini-Facelift

Why look older than you feel? A facial expression is tired and weary Abgespannt. They are supported by the Facelifting vital and fresh look, as after a restful Kurzlaub. Modern, gentle surgical procedures allow Facelifting with your characteristic facial features remain unchanged. No one from your social environment so your appearance Younger immediately ascribe a beauty surgery.

The experts from the private clinic Vitalitas, answer all questions in detail to the facelift. However, no detailed brochure personal consultation with a qualified specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery replace. Arrange equal to best your personal consultation appointment or visit one of our information evenings.


The possibilities and limitations of facial tightening

Although a facial tightening the biological process of aging skin is not slowing down, but the operative procedure rejuvenates the face by five to ten years. The forehead is smooth, the eye area is again open and fresh. Should the results of course work, however, is of an excessive tightening discouraged. The face is to retain its characteristic traits. A mask-term effect artificially smooth face and no longer in harmony with the overall appearance. A good facelift, on the other hand one sees not because it is not noticeable. The face is rested and fresh, like after a relaxing holiday.

In order to treat the individual expectations and requirements, there are a whole range of possibilities. For some people, a forehead lift sufficient to merely to correct the Zornesfalten and eyebrows to raise. Concentrate the wrinkles especially on the cheek, just may be a so-called Mini-Lifting/Mini-Facelift. In this intervention, only the cheeks and the underlying tissue streamlined. The classic facelift, however, temples, cheeks and neck in a joint operation treated. At the same time, with minimal brows and eyelids Fettpölsterchen corrected and removed.

The wrinkles at the mouth reaches the surgeon at the cheeks and neck but not tightening. Therefore recommend and his team in deep wrinkles in the mouth area of the combination with non-operative procedures, such as a laser treatment, dermabrasion, or a wrinkle of a conservative therapy.

The result of the facelift operation depends on the elasticity from the skin. The more elastic the skin, the better and more sustainable is the result. Most people who opt for a surgical facelift to decide, are 40 to 60 years old. A facial tightening is also in a higher age. The procedure can also after about ten years, easily repeated.

Most of the patients, the polls show, are very satisfied and happy with her new appearance. You feel better and are more satisfied with himself in the "gifted" years is often the potential for positive change.

Before each operation, the full explanation by the treating physician. It can be very helpful for you to get some questions in advance to write. Do not be afraid to ask anything, what you are interested in, and possibly also by telephone at a later date or another date briefing nachzuhaken again.


The Risks of a Facelift

Experts consider the face tightening as complication-poor and very safe operation if they are supported by a qualified aesthetic plastic surgeons will be carried out. As with any surgical procedure can be bruising or swelling may occur, which tend to heal themselves. Should the surgery finest skin nerves cut, allows for a while operated in the skin to numb the area. Again, this sensation disturbance disappears during a few weeks by itself.

If a post on bleeding associated with a significant swelling of the face observed, the bruise will be relieved. Such complications are extremely rare, however. Similarly, isolated, it is possible that the wound is inflamed. Wound healing usually after appropriate therapy, with antibiotics if necessary, by consensus. Finally, wound healing may also occur. They are also very rare and develop only if certain circumstances, such as heavy smoking, a diabetes or a bleeding disorder affecting the healing process. The risk of injury of the facial nerve is very low-skilled operators.

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