Forehead Lift

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The characteristic facial features obtained by forehead lifting
Why look sad, tired or angry when you do not feel that way? A wrinkled forehead can give a first impression, which often does not correspond to the actual personality. With a brow lift you will look more open, younger and fresher. Modern, gentle surgical procedures allow a forehead lift, in which your characteristic facial features remain unchanged. Nobody from your social environment will immediately attribute your positive changeto cosmetic surgery.


The possibilities and limits of forehead lifting


Lifting the forehead skin and adjusting the forehead muscles gives the face a younger, less worried and fresher look. A pleasant side effect is an individual raising of the eyebrows.

Depending on the initial situation, different, even minimally invasive surgical techniques can be used, which accelerate the healing process and leave fewer scars.
As a rule, it is good practice to treat the so-called frown lines between the eyebrows simultaneously with the forehead lift in order to achieve a more harmonious overall picture.

A forehead lift not only corrects the skin, but also the underlying soft tissues. After tightening the skin, soft tissue and muscles, the frown and worry lines are improved for a long time. As the eyebrows are raised at the same time, the wrinkles on the upper eyelids are reduced as well. The face looks refreshed and rejuvenated. In cases with pronounced wrinkles, the muscle responsible for eyebrow contraction is weakened, which means that its function is limited and repetition of frown lines is largely prevented. Your whole face gets a friendlier and more open expression.

You can imagine how a forehead lift can change your appearance by holding your palms sideways over your eyebrows in front of the mirror. Carefully pull the forehead skin and thus also the eyebrows upwards - this corresponds approximately to the result of a forehead lift.


Which methods are there?


Firstly, there is the open conventional method or secondly the endoscopic forehead lift. The open brow lift with a cut along the hairline of the upper half of the face is particularly suitable for people with older and tired skin. Pronounced transverse forehead wrinkles can be smoothed out so well.

With endoscopic brow lifting, only four very small incisions are needed behind the hairline. The procedure is particularly suitable for younger people whose skin still has enough natural elasticity. Both methods, the conventional open procedure and the endoscopic brow lift, can be combined with a weakening of the muscles responsible for the formation of wrinkles.

Before each operation there is comprehensive discussion with the surgeon. It can be very helpful for you to write down a few questions beforehand. Do not be afraid to ask anything you are interested in, and also check back by phone at a later date or at another meeting.


The risks of forehead lifting


Experts consider forehead lifting as a low-complication and very safe operation when performed by a qualified aesthetic plastic surgeon. However, as with any surgical procedure, bruising or swelling may occur, usually healing itself. Sometimes the fine nerves in the skin are severed during the procedure which may lead to a limited mobility of the eyebrow. It can also happen that the skin is numb for a while in the operated area due to bruising or swelling. However, this sensory disturbance disappears on its own within a few weeks.

In rare cases hair loss may also be possible on the hairy scalp sites where the cut was made.

It is equally rare for the wound to become inflamed. Wound infections generally heal after appropriate therapy, possibly with antibiotics. Finally, wound healing disorders can also occur. They are also very rare and develop only when certain conditions, such as heavy smoking, diabetes or a blood clotting disorder, affect the healing process.

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