Scar Correction

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With a scar correction to a better quality of life.


Scar correction


Visible scars have many causes. They can be left behind after accidents, operations or burns. Even if scars cannot be removed completely, experienced aesthetic plastic surgeons can often achieve a significant improvement and thus make a significant contribution to increasing the quality of life.


The possibilities and limitations of scar correction


Scarring is influenced by various factors. These include the depth of the wound, the blood supply to the wound area, the thickness and colour of the skin and the course of the scar in relation to the fold lines of the skin. Clean, smooth wound edges, such as those produced during surgery, heal more easily than blunt, possibly jagged or pinched wound edges, that can occur in injuries.

Although scars cannot be completely removed, skilled plastic surgeons often manage to hide and improve the scars. In addition to the use of medications, there are established surgical procedures for scar correction, which lead to good results in their individual, carefully considered use.

Before each operation there is a comprehensive consultation by the attending physician. It can be very helpful for you to write down a few questions beforehand. Do not hesitate to ask anything you are interested in and, if necessary, check back by phone at a later date or at another meeting.


The risks of scarring correction


In general, scars are very low risk when performed by an experienced aesthetic plastic surgeon. However, complications are not completely ruled out and cannot be predicted. For example, the extent and duration of swelling and bruising that can be expected after each surgery are different for each individual. It is extremely rare that infections of the wound area occur, but they can be completely healed with appropriate treatment with antibiotic therapy. Occasionally, there may also be wound healing disorders in the area of ​​operation. These can be caused by, for example, the effects of smoking, patients with blood clotting issues and patients who suffer from diabetes.

Overall, scar correction is a very low-impact surgery with a high degree of efficiency and safety when performed by an experienced aesthetic plastic surgeon.

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