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Labia reduction

Even in medical circles it is still largely unknown that labia reduction can be achieved by aesthetic surgery. In addition to the cosmetic aspects there are often also medical conditions where it makes sense to have a labia reduction or when it is even necessary for women to have one.
From a purely aesthetic perspective the trend to surgically beautify the genital region with such an operation is becoming more popular. In Europe, one speaks of labia correction or labia reduction. There are also a number of malformations, that are not discussed because women feel ashamed of them, that can easily be corrected by plastic surgery. Women with greatly enlarged labia cannot wear tight clothes, or move in a relaxed way because they are always feeling an annoying, painful or rubbing sensation. This can also cause problems during intercourse. Affected women often feel insecure because of this or avoid such situations.


The possibilities and limits of labia reduction

In a personal consultation and examination you determine with the doctor what you would like the shape and length of the labia to be.


Risks of a labia reduction

A labia reduction is a small operation with very little risk. Swelling of the operated area is relatively common. Apart from that, as with any operation, post operative bleeding or bruising can occur. A delay in healing or scarring are also risks.


The surgery of labia reduction

The labia reduction will reduce the inner labia to a size that allows them to be covered by the outer labia. The extent of the surgical reduction of the labia is determined together with the patient in the personal consultation with the aesthetic surgeon. Usually the operation can be performed as an outpatient. The surgery can be done with local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia. There are several operations to correct the vaginal labia (labia plasty). Usually only a small part has to be removed. Excess tissue is removed and the remaining parts are sewn again so that the labia is tightened. The operation takes about 30 to 45 minutes. After a short rest patients are able to leave the clinic.

The follow-up of a labia reduction

In order to achieve the optimal shape and reduction a mould must be worn. Apart from that you should relax in the first few days after the operation and you should not have intercourse in the first 3 weeks. Cooling the area and regular bathing will enhance the healing process. The stitches are usually dissolving ones so that you only have to go for an after-care and a post-operative examination.


Be happy!

With the correct indication and with realistic expectation, most of the patients are very pleased with the achieved results of the labia reduction. The improvement of the genital region often means the beginning of a "New Life". They are happier with themselves and have a higher self esteem.


What is the next step?

No brochure or website can replace a personal consultation. The next step towards your desired objective is to make an appointment with our specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery. In a personal consultation they will answer all your questions and will develop an individual treatment plan with you.
Call us – our friendly Vitalitas service team will be happy to make an appointment for you.
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