Wrinkle Treatment

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Smoothing wrinkles


Wrinkles and facial lines, slack skin in the face and sunk-in cheeks are among the typical signs of ageing. Many factors play a role as to when and how these characteristics appear – gravity, sun rays and facial expressions. People who are very active and energetic often see the difference between how they feel and how they look. Today, modern and gentle methods allow for maintaining an attractive, more youthful appearance on a long-term basis.


Possibilities and Limitations of Injection Therapy


The first thing to decide is which of your features bothers you the most and how you imagine an improved result would look (a photograph can be helpful here). A treatment with injections into the deeper layer of skin can make lines disappear, help reduce scars or give you fuller lips.
Injections improve the texture, the fullness and the visible smoothness of the skin. Folds and wrinkles as well as certain scars can be treated. In addition, there are also other methods for adding fullness to narrow lips or sunken cheeks to give them a fuller, more pleasing look. This can be achieved by suctioning your own body fat from other areas and injecting it in the desired area.
Depending on the material injected, the effects of the treatment can last from several weeks up to several months – this is because every body reacts differently. The limited period of time is due to the fact that temporary fillers as well as the body’s own fat deposits are metabolized and partially absorbed by the body. Factors such as age, skin quality, genes and lifestyle all have an effect on the length of effectiveness. Materials that are not absorbed and remain provide for long-term improvement, yet even they cannot completely stop the natural process of ageing.
Of course there are limitations to the so-called therapy methods, such as for the numerous small lines on the surface around the mouth. Other methods such as dermabrasion or the treatment with a special laser can be more effective here. Such techniques achieve a smoother skin surface by removing the outer layers of skin. An injection treatment alone is also not enough in the case of deeper lines and sagging skin in the face, so that a combination including a face lift would be advisable.



The risks of treatment with hyaluronic acid wrinkle, Botox, collagen


Experts consider the injection treatment as having few risks and as being a very safe method when performed by a qualified aesthetic plastic surgeon. Complications are usually minor and occur only rarely.
When using substances containing collagen, allergic reactions are most common. To detect whether you are allergic to collagen, a test is performed approximately one month before treatment is to take place. Collagen is injected into your skin, and the test area is closely observed in the following weeks. If any irritations such as a rash, itching, swelling or other symptoms occur, your doctor is to be notified at once. Such tests are not necessary when hyaluronic acid is to be used.
There are extremely rare cases of skin irritation, however when treated properly they have no negative effect on the result. There are several factors that play a role here which are discussed in detail before the treatment, such as the delayed wound healing in the case of diabetics, smokers and patients with blood clotting problems or those who have bad skin. Exceptional cases can develop scars, thicker skin or poorly healing wounds. However these rare consequences can be improved through proper measures.
Substances that contain hyaluronic acid can, in extremely rare cases, lead to distinctive swelling and sometimes to longer lasting redness. In any case, these are,like all complications involving absorbable injection substances, only temporary.
There are no allergic reactions to be expected when injecting body fat, as the material comes from the patient’s own body. The other risks are those mentioned for treatments with collagen and hyaluronic acid and are very rare, although it is common for patients to bruise, causing bluish marks and swelling in the areas treated that can last for a while.
The drug botulinum toxin (Botox®, Dysport®) smooth lines of the skin by relaxing the muscles directly under them. In rare cases, temporary paralysis of facial muscles can occur. Drooping eyelids or eyebrow asymmetries for several days can be the result.



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