Sweat Gland Therapy

Increased sweating (Hyperhidrosis) in the armpits, dark stains on shirts and suits and white margins is for many people not only "annoying" they are really suffering on a medical and social problem Two ne wand very effective procedures against hyperhidrosis give hope for those affected.

One conservative method uses the injections with Botulinum which is also known as Botox.
This substance, which normally is used for wrinkle-causing muscles to temporarily paralyze also reduces sweating in the armpits.
significantly lower doses required than for wrinkle treatment .
The duration lasts about 7-9 months. Treatment can be repeated at any time, even under circumstances only selectively in areas where the hyperhidrosis has a strong tendency to occur again.

If the Botox treatment is not efficient enough, there ist a second
method available in the vitalitas clinic.

The sweat gland suction

This method removes the majority oft he sweat glands in the armpits. The procedure is similar to the liposuction. With thin curettes the sweat glands are removed permanently.

Even if this method is a little bit more invasive the result is normally for those who suffer very satisfiying and gives them a lifetime relief.

The new You

with our professional assessment and with realistic expectations on hyperhidrosis treatment, most patients are very satisfied with the result achieved. An improvement of your appearance often means the beginning of a “new life” with more self-satisfaction and an improved feeling of one’s own worth or value.

What ist he next step for Hyperhidrosis Treatment

No brochure can replace the need for individual counseling. The next step to finding the right solutions for you is to make an appointment with one of our specialists.
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Your happiness is our goal.



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