Ear Correction Tips

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The follow-up of Ear correction


Adults and children alike in a few hours after the operation start to feel normal. However, after a general anaesthetic, patients and especially small children may need to spend the night in the clinic to be monitored.
After the operation, a large turban-like head bandage is applied to protect the ears. After the surgical procedure the patient will be given suitable pain relief. After one week the large bandage will be removed and a lighter and more flexible dressing is applied. The sutures are usually removed after one week.

For the healing process not to be compromised the patient in the following four weeks should avoid any movement of the ear. With this in mind however, adults can after a few days of convalescence return to their normal pattern of life. However, in the case of children they should remain out of school for the first week. Great care should be taken during games or sports lessons to avoid any knocks. Therefore, their teachers should be informed and should pay special attention to the child.

In the month after the operation patients should avoid the wearing of jewellery and spectacles. If possible it is better to wear contact lenses or to avoid the arm of the spectacles to compromise the healing process




With proper indications and realistic expectations, most patients are very satisfied with the result achieved. The improvement in the appearance often means the beginning of a "new life". You have a higher self-satisfaction and increased self-esteem.


What is the next step?


No brochure or website can replace an individual interview with the aesthetic surgeon.The next step towards achieving your objective is an appointment with our specialists for plastic and aesthetic surgery. In a personal consultation the surgeon will answer all your questions and will develop the approach for your individual needs.

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We hope that you feel good.

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