Forehead lift tips

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The aftercare


In the first days after the operation slight pain of the operated area can occur. The facial expressions and the mobility of the head can be limited. In order to avoid pain as much as possible, we have developed a special concept for 'pain elimination' in our clinic. It is possible for you to get a blue eye or swelling on and under the eyes after surgery. Cool the eye area every two hours for a few days with a cooling mask, but make sure that it never rests directly on the skin, otherwise frostbite may occur.

There is also the possibility that your eyes feel dry. The correct use of a prescribed ointment will protect your eyes, especially at night, from dehydration. We recommend you reserve one week after the operation to recuperate.The threads are pulled fourteen days after the procedure. In order not to endanger the healing process, you should avoid alcohol and nicotine after the procedure. Also, you should refrain from sports in the first four weeks. Nevertheless, newly-operated people can return to their normal everyday activities after only a few days. The scars fade rapidly, until they are only noticeable as narrow white lines. Most people resume their work ten to fourteen days after the forehead lift. After the second week, you also notice the positive result of the procedure that your facial features look fresh and relaxed.


Look forward to it!


With the right indication and realistic expectations, most patients are very satisfied with the results achieved. Improving the outward appearance often means the beginning of a new life. They have a higher sense of wellbeing and self-esteem.


What is the next step?


No booklet or website can replace an individual consultation. The next step to your desired goal is an appointment with our specialists for plastic and aesthetic surgery. In a personal conversation, the surgeon will be able to answer all your questions in private and work out an individual treatment concept together with you.

Call - our friendly Vitalitas service team will gladly arrange an appointment for you: Tel. +49 63 21-92 97 542.

We wish you to feel well.


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