Liposuction Price

If you are seriously considering a liposuction then you will, at some stage, have
to think about the price. You should be aware that by having
a liposuction done, you are investing in your health and in your body. You should be important enough to yourself not to compromise just to get a supposedly better price
for a liposuction.

The prices for liposuction vary greatly. Very often you can not compare data directly and one could only give a rough idea of a price for a liposuction before a personal examination, diagnosis and consultation.

The price for a liposuction depends on the surgical technique applied, on the type and extent of the liposuction and on the affected area. The texture of the tissue also plays a role and whether the associated costs such as anaesthesia, operating theatre, first examination and follow-ups are included in the price.

Here you will find considerable differences between individual hospitals.

Regarding anaesthesia, there are significant differences. Depending on what kind of anaesthesia is used for liposuction, the price varies greatly. We use a gentle procedure that is easy on the body and offers maximum security.

All our surgeons performing liposuction are highly qualified specialists in aesthetic and plastic surgery and the operations are all performed in modern operating theatres with appropriate equipment.

Included in our price for liposuction are the consultations, the surgery, the anaesthetics, as well as the follow-ups after the surgery and the check-ups.

In our clinic we give you the total price. These, depending on the region of the operation and the extent of the operation start at about € 1,900.--net, plus VAT. The exact price of a liposuction can only be defined after an initial meeting and the first consultation. At the end of our first consultation you will get an exact statement of the cost for your liposuction. Should you not be able to pay the amount at once, we have funding partners with whom you can arrange the financing of your liposuction by paying in instalments.

Remember that your liposuction is a life and health investment. You should treat yourself to the best because what seems a bargain can turn out to be very expensive.
To get an idea of the quality of our doctors and our facilities, book a initial consultation.

No brochure or website can replace a personal consultation.

Call us at +496321 9297542 and our service team will gladly make a personal appointment for you.
Your happiness is our goal.

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