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Who does not recognise the situation when one has finally reached the ideal weight, lost many kilos or after pregnancy, externally, everything looks great but standing naked in front of a mirror all one sees is the hanging sagging abdominal wall.
This situation hugely affects ones mental well being


Abdomen tightening or abdominal plastic


A slimmer belly decisively changes the shape of your body. It is ideal for women after childbirth or people who are dissatisfied with their abdominal wall. An abdominal wall tightening provides a great opportunity to optimize what was previously seen as an unaesthetic region of the body.


The possibilities and limitations of abdominal wall tightening

 Bauchstraffung - Möglichkeiten

The best aesthetic result can be achieved for those who are lean persons in good physical condition but with loose tissue on the abdomen that will not respond to exercise or diet. If you are undergoing a weight-loss plan then once the target weight is reached is the time to tighten the abdominal wall. Women who are looking to be pregnant again should not consider this procedure. This is because the straight abdominal muscles to be tightened will become soft again during the pregnancy. In some cases scars from previous surgery may prevent a successful abdominal wall tightening.

The procedure of tightening the abdominal wall produces a relatively long scar in the bikini area but this will soften and fade over time. It can also result in a change in the shape of the navel resulting in a small circular scar.

In addition to the classic abdominal tightening procedure, a partial streamlining with a small incision can be deployed to avoid the dislocation of the navel. In some cases a partial or complete abdominal wall procedure can be enhanced with additional tightening with Liposuction (see information on Liposuction) to the hips and thighs.

Before any operation, your procedure will be fully explained to you by your physician. For you to fully understand and participate in deciding the best course of action for you, it can be very useful if you write down some questions in advance of the consultation. Use this opportunity to ask any questions or express any concerns you may have. Also you can telephone Vitalitas or attend the evening meetings to gain further information.


The risks of an abdominal wall tightening


Experts consider the procedure of tightening the abdominal wall to be a very safe operation if it is supported by qualified and experienced aesthetic plastic surgeons.
Most operations have good results and complications are usually minor and not to be expected. However, with any surgery there are risks and some complications are unique to this type of surgery.

After an abdominal wall tightening, as with any surgery, bruising and swelling may occur but this usually heals by itself.

Post operative bleeding associated with swelling and pain must be repaired by surgery. Likewise, it is rare that a wound becomes inflamed but this can be treated in the normal way and if necessary with antbiotics.

Finally there is a very rare chance of the wound not healing normally. The natural healing process can be negatively affected by heavy smoking, diabetes or a bleeding disorder. In the event of an unsightly scar, with or without the wound not healing properly, there are several treatment options. The last resort is an operative scar correction.

For all operations there is a risk of deep vein thrombosis. This danger can be minimized by early mobilisation after surgery and through the administration of heparin or similar drugs.

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