Abdomen-tightening abdominal plastic

A slimmer belly decisively shaped the personality picture. Often women after one or more births, or people who have greatly diminished, dissatisfied with their abdominal wall. An abdominal tightening provides a great opportunity, perceived as unaesthetic abdominal region to be optimized. The aim is to create a new, flat stomach to create a silhouette.

The experts from the private clinic Vitalitas, answer all questions in detail to the abdominal wall tightening. However, no personal information detailed consultation with qualified specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery replace. Arrange equal to best your personal consultation appointment or visit one of our information evenings.


The possibilities and limitations of abdominal wall tightening

The best way for a good aesthetic result, lean persons who in good physical condition and with a loose tissue on the abdomen neither training nor diet responded. If a weight loss plan, you should tighten the abdominal wall up to that time to be seen where the weight has been reached. Even women who still want to have children, should postpone the operation because of the straight abdominal muscles, which in the operation to be streamlined in pregnancy may be soft again. If scars of Voroperationen available, could it be that a tightening of difficult abdominal wall is feasible.

When tightening the abdominal wall is a relatively long scar in the bikini area, which over time will soften and fade. It also puts the navel and is consequently mostly a slight change in shape and a small rotating circular scar.

In addition to the classic abdominal tightening stands for the treatment especially at the lower abdominal wall and partial streamlining with a small incision, without dislocation of navel available. Other hand, it could be that in the individual case, a partial or complete abdominal wall, with additional tightening of exhaust Fettpölsterchen (see information on liposuction) in the area of the hips is indexed to both an appealing and flanks Hüftkontur to reach. These crucial aspects and considerations are then individually when planning your surgery taken.

Before each operation, the full explanation by the treating physician. It can be very helpful for you to get some questions in advance to write. Do not be afraid to ask anything, what you are interested in, and possibly also by telephone at a later date or another date briefing nachzuhaken again.


The risks of an abdominal wall tightening

Experts consider tightening the abdominal wall complications than poor and very safe operation if they are supported by a qualified aesthetic plastic surgeons will be carried out. Complications are usually minor and seldom to be expected.

Most are good results. However, there are both general risks of any surgery and specific complications associated with the uniqueness of the surgery involved.

After an abdominal tightening may, as with any surgical bruising and swelling may occur, which usually heal by itself.
If a post on bleeding associated with a significant swelling and pain accompanied, it must be surgically repaired. Such complications are extremely rare, however.

Likewise, it is rare that the wound is inflamed. Wound healing usually after appropriate therapy, with antibiotics if necessary, by consensus.

Finally, wound healing may also occur. They are also very rare and develop only if certain circumstances, such as heavy smoking, a diabetes or a bleeding disorder, affecting the healing process.
In unsightly scars, with or without wound disruption can now several treatment options should be demonstrated. Especially during the first year after surgery are good in this success. The last resort is an operative scar correction.

For all operations, there is a slight risk of deep vein thrombosis. This danger can be an early mobilization after surgery and through the administration of heparin or similar drugs are minimized.

Overall, the abdominal wall tightening poor surgical complication with a high degree of efficiency and safety.

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