Abdominoplasty Tips

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Follow-up of abdominal wall tightening


In the days immediately after the surgery the period of time to get mobility can be reduced. In the hospital we have developed a special concept for the pain to be largely avoided. On the first day following surgery the drains are removed by your surgeon. Once the initial swelling has gone down a compression girdle is worn for up to six weeks. Immediately following the operation you should get as much rest as you can to minimize the swelling. You may experience swelling and some bruising and possibly numbness of the skin but this will pass in a few weeks.

Whilst the patient is still on the operating table measurements are taken for the compression bandage or hose. Eight to ten days after surgery the stitches are removed. The scar is initially red but will fade after a few months and ultimately fades in with the surrounding tissue with only narrow white line remaining. Special creams and ointments can be applied in the third week following the procedure.

It is recommended that in the first six months exposure to the sun is avoided by the use of appropriate clothing. Depending on the physical strain after the first three days or so you can begin normal daily activities but it is important to schedule in your rest periods in the first week.

During the first six to eight weeks you should refrain from sporting activity and only do so after a consultation with the doctor. In order not to jeapordize the healing process alcohol and nicotine should be avoided.




With proper indications and realistic expectations, most patients are very satisfied with the result achieved. The improvement in the appearance often means the beginning of a "new life". You will have a higher self-satisfaction and increased self-esteem.


What is the next step?


No brochure or web site can replace an individual consultation. The next step towards achieving your goals is to book an appointment with our specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery. The private meeting will be one to one and you will be able to ask all your questions and work together with the specialist to determine the treatment just for you.

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Your happiness is our goal


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