Breast Lift Operation

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The preparation for a breast tightening

Women more than 30 years of age should undertake a mammogram prior to any surgical procedure. Also you should tell your surgeon if you regularly take medication.
Make sure that you are facing surgery, where possible, in optimal overall health and a rested condition.

  1. Fourteen days before the surgery, you should not take aspirin or similar medication, since they inhibit blood clotting. If you regularly take other medications, discuss this beforehand with the aesthetic doctor.
  2. Do, a few days before the operation, minimise the use of alcohol and nicotine. It is best to stop smoking entirely.
  3. Do plan the seven to ten days following surgery for your recuperation. In the first days after aesthetic surgery, you will not be physically fully operational.
  4. It is a good idea to write down any questions you may have about your procedure. Before any procedure, the patient must sign a consent declaration. This form documents the planned procedure and the associated risks. The signed consent declaration evidences that you have been fully informed of the proposed procedure and that the potential risks have been explained and understood.

The operation of a Breast lift / Mastopexie

The surgery can be carried out ambulant but this depends on how extensive is the planned procedure. For some breast tightening operations you could be an inpatient for more than one day. The actual duration of the operation depends on the extent of the intervention but it normally lasts one and a half to three and a half hours. Whatever the length of your time with Vitalitas, you can depend on the care and attention from our fully trained and professional staff.

There are different methods of breast tightening. The most common is the reshaping ot tired tissue with the nipple being moved and possibly reduced. If if you have opted for an implant there will be further incisions into a pocket or underneath the chest muscles.

Depending on the extent of the breast tightening different techniques apply.

They are either

  • a circle around the nipple or
  • a circle around the nipple and a line vertically down from the circle or
  • a circle around the nipple and the line vertically down like an upside down ’T’ or
  • for particularly pronounced relaxed breasts a circle around the nipple and a reverse ’T’ shape.

Before surgery the proposed lines of incision and the position of the nipple are marked on the breast. After disinfecting the operation area and the sterile cover the necessary incisions are made. The tissue is removed and the the new breasts including nipples are formed.
At the end of the operation a bandage or bra is fitted to mitigate post operative swelling. Small drains are inserted to manage the wound fluid in the immediate time after the surgery. The technical details of the various procedures will be explained by your surgeon.

The anaesthesia for breast tightening

The operation for breast tightening is usually carried out under general anaesthetic. The anesthesia significantly reduces the stress for the patient.
The decision is made by the anaesthetist after a thorough investigation is undertaken. The anaesthetist is present during the whole operation and controls and monitors the anaesthesia throughout.

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