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The follow-up at gynecomastia

Mild pain and pulling in the wound area are normal in the first days after surgery. However, such postoperative symptoms can be treated well by effective medications. Of course, the bandage should be worn exactly according to the doctor's instructions. Skin sutures are removed after approximately seven to ten days.

Swelling and bruising may be relatively strong in the beginning. Therefore, it is customary to apply elastic bandage for one or two weeks continuously and later several weeks at night. The swelling usually goes down very well in the first few weeks, but the final result can only be seen after at least three months have elapsed.

In order not to endanger the healing process, however, freshly-operated people should avoid alcohol and nicotine. For about three weeks you should refrain from sports and heavy loads as well as sauna and steam bath visits. Also in the following period you should refrain from sporting activities that are a risk of injury to the chest. Avoid any sun exposure of your scars for about six months. Despite the restrictions mentioned, newly-operated people can return to their normal daily activities after just a few days.


Look forward to it!

With the right indication and realistic expectations, most patients are very satisfied with the results achieved. Improving the outward appearance often means the beginning of a new life. They have a higher complacency and self-esteem.

What is the next step?

No booklet can replace an individual consultation. The next step to your desired goal is an appointment with our specialists for plastic and aesthetic surgery. In a personal conversation, you will be able to answer all your questions in peace and work out an individual treatment concept together with you.

Call - our friendly Vitalitas service team will gladly arrange an appointment for you: Tel. +49 63 21-92 97 542.

We wish you to feel well.

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