Wrinkle Treatment Surgery

The preparation of the wrinkle treatment

The injection therapy is a conversation about the type of treatment method in the first place. Otherwise there is no need for special preparation. Depending on the size of the planned surgery, you can turn your normal activities. For very large operations it is recommended that the professional and private activities to a minimum. Ideally, if you immediately prior to the treatment and the treatment itself does not make too much. Rested, you have the best conditions for an optimal result.

The treatment of wrinkle treatment

The injection therapy is an outpatient basis. If they are combined with a forehead or facial tightening is carried out, can also be a planned hospital stay.

  1. Resorbable (= non-durable) Materials
    Collagen is a protein substance in various body tissues a supportive function. It is in the skin, joints, bones and ligaments found. The method used to Unterspritzungsbehandlung used injectable collagen is made from purified bovine collagen won.
    When cleaning process is a very human-like collagen tissue. It is offered in different concentrations to meet the different needs of patients to satisfy.
    Collagen serves to compensate for the finer and deeper lines, wrinkles and scars on the face and neck. It is still the most widely used filling material.

    Hyaluronic acid is a component of human connective tissue including the skin. True allergies are on the contrary to collagen is not known. Suitable are pure hyaluronic acid products are used especially for the finer wrinkles wrinkles on the face, because it is less concentrated, such as the collagen in the skin surface can be brought.

    Adipose tissue to wrinkle is typically used by the body of the patient flow. The method is in academic circles the term "autologous fat transplantation known. Fat is used primarily for building haggard cheeks, the correction of Lachfalten in the lower facial area, for filling depressions in the skin, to reduce cross forehead wrinkles and to build up the lips. Wherever there is a greater amount of Unterspritzungsmaterial is required, own fat can be used usefully.

    Botulinum toxin (Botox ®, Dysport ®), a neurotoxin (poison of the Clostridium botulinum), leads to a relaxation of mimic muscles. The drug acts as a so-called blocking and bracing prevents the contraction of the muscle for about three to five months. This treatment is therefore particularly suitable for the so-called anger and worry wrinkles on the forehead and the so-called crow's feet at the outer angle of the eye. The drug, botulinum toxin (Botox ®, Dysport ®) is used in very dilute doses in the region to be treated is injected. Up to a few very small injections that have just seen, the treatment leaves no traces.
    The effect does not occur immediately, but only two to three days after the injection and last approximately six to nine months.

  2. Durable materials
    Gortex is a feinfädiges material, which is to support the subcutaneous tissue is implanted, it is preferred for example to replenish set of lips.

    Artecoll ® is composed of natural collagen and up to 25% from the finest plastic particles. This solved a little deeper into the skin layer the structure of the self-fold of tissue - similar to an inner scar. Train to train at the same time, the injected collagen is absorbed. The final fold is filled with self tissue. The greatest advantage compared to conventional materials is that they usually lasting results.

Treating your aesthetic plastic surgeon will provide you with the various materials like even more detail with you and the appropriate treatment method.

The duration of injection therapy is of the nature and extent of the planned treatment dependent. With the use of body fat is the time for the removal of tissue added. Before collagen injection, you need an allergy test inconspicuous. Once the local anesthetic effect, the injections disinfected the skin on the set - this happens with a fine needle at several points along the wrinkles to be treated. As the water on the collagen solution in a few days will be absorbed by the body, your doctor will slightly overfill the area seek therapy.
The procedure is the same in all treatments with foreign materials (hyaluronic acid, Artecoll ®) are similar.

The fat injection therapy begins after the removal of disinfectant and receiving agencies as well as a local anesthetic with the aspiration of the adipose tissue. This is done through a hollow needle or below sucked. The fat is then prepared for injection and with a fine needle into the receiving bodies introduced. As with collagen injection is also a slight fat "overfilling" is necessary because a part of the injected fat will be absorbed relatively soon. In the treatment of haggard cheeks, for example, may be a slight overfilling of the first impression of a swelling, but it disappears in a short time.


The anesthesia in wrinkle treatments

Some inject substances such as collagen, which is already mixed with local anesthetic, so usually no additional anesthesia is carried out. For most other injection equipment, especially if you schmerzempfindlich, or if a very extensive treatment is imminent, anesthetic creams are also recommended. Furthermore, there is the possibility of a local anesthetic or light sedation an additional pain to reach. The sedation will guide you through the ingestion of a tablet or an intravenous injection into a kind of sedation allows.

In injection therapy with fat is both donor and recipient in the area of a local anesthetic applied. It may be useful to larger projects, in addition to be a slight sedation.

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