Wrinkle Treatment Tips

The aftercare therapies for wrinkles

  1. Directly after treatment, it is possible that a slight stinging or pulsation in the treated region feel.
  2. Sometimes there is slight swelling and occasional minor bruising, which usually disappear in a few days.
  3. Redness, if visible, usually pass away within the first 24 hours. In individual cases, especially for very fair-skinned people, they can last a little longer.
  4. Through the injection points may be tiny crustaceans, which heal in a few days.
  5. An association is in the use of collagen is not necessarily in the use of other substances occasionally useful for the preparation on the spot to fix.
  6. When using fat-mentioned phenomena may like swelling, redness and minor bruising also occur at the sampling point.
  7. You should check the sun for a few days and then shun a good sunscreen use.
  8. If you have sedation, please bring an accompanying person for the home with.
  9. If you have a very extensive treatment plan, you should follow a few days spare and can rest.
  10. In sudden pain or other symptoms, please speak with your doctor immediately.

Normally you can soon after treatment, a significant improvement. How long does it result in the absorbable substances continues, is of course dependent on the injected funds and from patient to patient. Decisive factors are the way of life, physical assessment and the localization of the treatment. In quieter areas of the face holds the result usually longer than in the most active muscles.

In conversation with your doctor, you can best determine when and how often injection therapy should be repeated to result in an ideal way to maintain.


With proper indications and realistic expectations, most patients are very satisfied with the result achieved. The improvement in the appearance often means the beginning of a "new life". You have a higher self-satisfaction and increased self-esteem.

What is the next step?

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