Wrinkle Treatment Tips

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After Care therapie in wrinkle treatment

  1. Directly after your treatment you may feel a slight prickling or pulsation of the region treated.
  2. In some cases slight swelling is possible, or slight bruising that generally disappears within several days.
  3. Redness, if any, will normally reside within the first 24 hours. In rare cases, especially with very light skinned patients, redness can last somewhat longer.
  4. Small scabs can form over the punctures, but these will heal in a few days.
  5. It is not necessary to wear a bandage after the treatment with collagen, but sometimes it can make sense when other substances are used in order to keep the application fixed at the spot.
  6. When using fatty tissue, the above-mentioned symptoms such as swelling, redness, slight bruising can also naturally occur at the place where tissue was removed.
  7. You should avoid sunlight for several days and later use a good sun screen.
  8. If you have chosen to opt for a sedative, please bring someone along with you to accompany you home. 
  9. If you are planning extensive treatment, you should take it easy the next few days and rest properly.
  10. If you should feel any sudden pain or other symptoms, please contact your doctor immediately.

Normally you will be able to see a visible difference soon after the treatment. The longevity of the result for absorbed substances naturally depends on the type of substance injected and varies from patient to patient. Various factors are lifestyle, the physical predisposition of a patient and the area treated. In facial areas that are subject to less movement, the result normally lasts longer than particularly active muscle regions.
In the consultation with your doctor you can best discuss if and how often the injection treatment needs to be repeated in order to best maintain the achieved result.

The New You

With our professional assesment and with realistic expectations, most patients are very satisfied with the result achieved. An improvement of your appearance often means the beginning of a “new life” with more self-satisfaction and an improved feeling of one’s own worth or value.

What is the next step?

No brochure or website can replace the need for individual counseling. The next step to finding the right solutions for you is to make an appointment with one of our specialists.

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